Madivaru Corner

Suitable for all levels, this is easily one of the best dives sites if you like sharks. We follow the reef wall down to 18m until we reach the corner. Here, in strong current, we can take hold of some dead rock, and watch the spectacular display of reef sharks and eagle rays passing in front of us, often in great numbers.

We are usually surrounded by a profusion of red-toothed triggerfish, batfish and anthias. The abundance of fish life in the strong current is superb. Schools of trevallies, barracudas and jackfish are frequent visitors and if we are lucky, we can see a solitary, enormous tuna cruise past. As we follow the reef along, we have a good chance of seeing huge napoleon wrasses and turtles. Advanced certified divers can go a little deeper and see the white tip reef sharks and giant sting rays resting on the sand. For sure, this will be a dive you want to repeat. Be aware, the current can be medium to very strong.

Hammerhead Point

Suitable only for advanced certified divers with excellent buoyancy, this is an early morning dive to see the elusive hammerhead shark.  The boat drops us into blue water dive, where there is no reef or bottom to give you a visual reference as to your position. The blue plankton look like shining flakes of glitter in the water around you and unicorn fish will play around your face and amongst your bubbles. Even if the hammerheads don’t appear, it is a beautiful dive.

Manta Block

Suitable for divers of all levels, with a maximum depth of 14m, this site is one of our favourites. When there is a bit of current, this large coral block is the place that the manta rays come to be cleaned. We descend to the sand near the pinnacle and wait for the mantas to begin flying gracefully through the water above us. If we are calm and still, the mantas may approach closely, their fins sweeping just above our heads. Other visitors to the block include pods of dolphins and solitary sharks cruising past.


Suitable for divers of all levels, this is a wall dive along the reef stretching out from Kuramathi Island. The caves are a series of shallow ledges found between 18 and 30m. One of the ledges at 22m is large enough to do a very pretty swim-through, taking care of the coral as we pass. Under the ledges, we can find white tip reef sharks and giant stingrays resting on the sand. The wall features beautiful fan corals and a variety of triggerfish species, as well as cod and groupers, puffer-fish and parrot-fish. Looking out to the sea, we can see sharks, tuna and trevally cruising slowly beneath us. As our tanks get emptier, we work our way up the wall to the life and colour at the top of the reef at 5m, where we do a drifting safety stop.

Rasdhoo Channel

Suitable only for advanced divers with good buoyancy, this dive takes us down to 25m, where the edge of the atoll drops off to the deep ocean water. Here, in the channel between Rasdhoo and Kuramathi Island, we can see the occasional leopard shark or giant stingray on the sandy bottom, before encountering many reef sharks passing in front of us above the drop-off. The stronger the current, the more sharks we can see.

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